Clubs charter annually with the San Diego County Democratic Party and agree to abide by certain rules and behaviors as detailed in the Party Bylaws Article X and Article XIII and Policies & Procedures Section X. A summary of the rules that apply to clubs can be easily searched here.

Chartering is completed online with this form and roster template:

A club manual provides guidance for new (and re-chartering) clubs – more details are available here.

If you need help or have questions, please contact the local Party office at (858) 277-3367 or email, or reach out to any member of the Club Development Committee.


  1. Membership is open to all registered Democrats. 
  2. Roster has at least twenty (20) members who are Democrats or intend to register as Democrats as soon as they are eligible to do so.
  3. Individuals that are registered as other than Democratic Party are non-voting members. 
  4. At least two-thirds (2/3) of members (both members and non-voting) are registered Democrats or intend to register as Democrats. 
  5. Only registered Democrats, or those who intend to register as Democrats, may serve as officers or vote on club business. Club business includes voting on endorsements and voting on changes to bylaws, constitutions or rules.
  6. Club meets at least quarterly and meeting dates, time, and locations are provided to SDCDP at least fourteen (14) days before the meeting. 
  7. Club shall endorse only Democrats. 
  8. Non-Democratic candidates may only be rated acceptable or unacceptable. 
  9. Full membership is given notice of endorsements in a particular race or races at least fourteen (14) days prior to the meeting via email or alternative method for those without email. 
  10. Reasonable attempts are made to notify and invite all declared candidates to an endorsement meeting where their race is being considered at least five (5) business days prior to the meeting. 
  11. Endorsements by the club shall not be construed as the CDP or SDCDP endorsement. Words to that effect must be clearly visible whenever a club’s endorsement is referred to. 
  12. Any publication of endorsements by the club shall clearly delineate between endorsed candidates and those rated acceptable. 
  13. Approval of Amendments to Bylaws or Constitution. The Council of Clubs recommends that changes to a clubs bylaws, constitution, or governing rules should be voted on by all members in good standing at a duly noticed meeting. Please indicate if this is in your Bylaws or Constitution.
  14. Definition of member in good standing (SDCDP recommended, CDP required). When clubs submit their rosters to the CDP in July of odd-numbered years for participation in pre-endorsement conferences, they are required to provide the reference in their rules and/or bylaws that governs the selection of Potential Representatives or to certify that representatives were selected at a duly noticed meeting by those members “in good standing” in attendance and voting. Clubs may wish to also confirm requirements with in order to prepare to submit rosters to CDP in 2019 to participate in 2020.
  15. Requirement that CDP Representatives are members in good standing (SDCDP recommended, CDP required). The CDP requires that potential representatives to the pre-endorsement conferences be selected from the members in good standing as of May or July of odd-numerated years. 
  16. The club must add to all club email lists and will copy that email address on all notice, agenda, and minutes for business meetings or endorsement meetings. 

If the club does not meet all of these requirements the club is not eligible for chartering. The club must bring their bylaws into compliance, following their internal process, before Chartering with the San Diego County Democratic Party.