October Council of Clubs meeting
October 19th at 10:00AM
IBEW Local 465, 7444 Trade St, San Diego, CA 92121 (map)

With California’s Presidential Primary moved up to March 3, 2020 all of our voter contact initiatives are accelerated for this cycle.

Cecily Resnick, GO Team Community Coordinator for Rancho Santa Fe, will present details on planning, training, and events leading up to what promises to be the most representative turnout of primary voters in the history of California.

Shared Calendar

  • Events happening all over the county, how to collate?
  • DFA, San Diego Free Press, Activist San Diego
  • San Diego County Democratic Party Calendar – for clubs & Party events
  • How to keep up to date? Make easy to use?

Instant Run-off Voting (Ranked Choice Voting)

  1. Phil Currier will present update – Instant Run-off Voting
  2. Presentation last year from Codi Vierra – Voting
  3. Now in use by Young Dems, Dems for Environmental Action, Democratic Woman’s Club, Torrey Pines Democratic Club, Point Loma Democratic Club, and others
  4. Future San Diego County Democratic Party ballot elections?

Club Development Committee – At Large Member Election


  • Ken Dalpe
  • Samm Hurst
  • Lauren Macdonald
  • David Wright​
  • nominations from the floor

Club Chartering – Nov 15th

After several rules changes earlier this year the Party is now back to (re-) chartering every 12 months and re-chartering is moved up a month to November 15th.

If your club paid $100 last year to charter for 24 months (at $50/year), then there is no fee to charter for 2020. New clubs that first chartered during 2019 will need to pay $48 for the year. Dues and signed forms are required to be submitted by November 15, 2019.

The earlier deadline is so that staff don’t have to work over the holiday break trying to get everything in order for the start of the year. For this reason we’re also asking clubs to provide a list of 20 ‘chartering members’ who agree they are not also ‘chartering’ members of another club. This will make it easier for staff to check unique member status for the purposes of appointing Associate Members.  

For the last several years clubs have been asked when their bylaws will be compliant with the mandated San Diego County Democratic Party club chartering requirements – that waiver period is over. If your club’s bylaws are not compliant, the club cannot be chartered. Clubs need to follow their own internal processes to amend their bylaws.

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