July Council of Clubs meeting
July 20th at 10:00AM
IBEW Local 465, 7444 Trade St, San Diego, CA 92121 (map)

Winning Local Elections

In the last election cycle the Fallbrook Democratic Club helped elect seven club members to school, planning and health boards! All this without a set of City Council races to galvanize around. How did they do it, and how will they repeat and grow their success?

How to identify and recruit candidates? When to start planning? How to organize? Walking lists. Phone banking. Texting. GO Team. Which tactics were effective and which didn’t work? How much money do you spend on field versus other communications?

Tom Frew, President Fallbrook Democratic Club
A US Marine Corp Veteran, Tom is a retired aerospace engineer who volunteers with the Fallbrook Climate Action Team, Fallbrook Historical Society and Fallbrook Garden Club as well as leading the Fallbrook Democratic Club.

Clubs Rules

At the June 18, 2019 Central Committee meeting these new rules for clubs were passed:

  • Chartering deadline, moved to November 15
  • Clubs will be given thirty (30) days’ notice prior to an Area Endorsement recommendation that is not already on the Calendar (e.g. Primary Election Endorsement Calendar)
  • Any grievances against clubs or coalitions will first be heard by the Club Development Committee to give recommendation to the Executive Board

These rules did not pass:

  • Proportional representation for Club Associate Members
  • The requirement to bind Associate Members area recommendation votes to the clubs endorsement – club bylaws still apply

These rules remain unchanged:

  • Affinity Clubs still need to petition the E-Board for extra Associate Members in Areas in which they have twenty members


On Tuesday July 16, 2019 the County Party considered a Party Platform.

The Platform Committee Co-Chairs Chyann Cox and Bryan Pease put together the document along with help from the platform committee members: Maya De La Rosas, Matt Corrales, Christina Griffin-Jones, Temika Cooke, Robert Grand and Georgine Tomasi.

The draft document was circulated to Central Committee members and Will Rodriguez-Kennedy asked us to email him with any questions: chair@sddemocrats.org

Chyann Cox, President San Diego Vegan Democrats, will guide us through the document and solicits input from your club, and any subject matter experts you have as clubmembers. You can contact Chyann directly: chyann.marie@gmail.com


  • Eventbrite – everything a small club needs to get started, for free
  • Calendar of Events
  • Push events to Facebook/Twitter
  • Sync events to County Party Calendar
  • Free website with Facebook and Twitter integrations, e.g. Dem Clubs

Upcoming Meetings

  • Membership Management – Best Practices, Communications, Dues, Event Tracking
  • Endorsements – Calendars, Managing Expectations, Voting Methods
  • Structure of the Democratic Party – National, State, and (most importantly) Local

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