June Council of Clubs meeting
June 15th at 10:00am
IBEW Local 465, 7444 Trade St, San Diego, CA 92121 (map)

Accounting for Clubs

This presentation will cover the accounting and compliance considerations for Democratic clubs: whether to open a committee, duties of a treasurer, financial best practices, and common pitfalls to avoid. Club leaders will get a broad overview of their options and obligations in raising and spending money to advance their political goals.

Ryan Hurd, Executive Director

Born and raised in Seattle, Ryan moved to San Diego after concentrating in comparative literature at Brown University. He was a strategist for local and state political campaigns before going to work for the County Party. Ryan previously conducted public-health advocacy programs for the nonprofit Institute for Public Strategies and was an editor and writer for community-based newspapers. Ryan has served on the San Diego County Substance Abuse Summit Steering Committee, the Public Policy Advisory Board of the San Diego LGBT Community Center, and the Citizens’ Review Board on Police Practices for the City of San Diego. He is currently a member of the Rules Committee of the California Democratic Party.

Click on this image to download the slides (PDF)

Political Software for Humans

ISP is a local company that provides tools to both candidate committees and party committees. While more of their clients are candidates, that’s mostly because there are so many more of them. Their tools are especially valuable to clubs with limited resources and dependence on volunteers.

Benjamin Katz (@meanestbossever), Chief Architect (info@ispolitical.com)

Ben is a top leader in the software development industry with nearly 20 years of experience and a unique approach to software development: He LISTENS to what his customers want and produces elegant solutions.

Ben founded CompleteCampaigns.com, which provided fundraising, workflow management, accounting and compliance systems to thousand of political campaigns, political action committees, and local, state and federal political party committees. In 2008, he sold CompleteCampaigns to industry competitor, Aristotle, Inc.

Clubs Rules

Jason Bercovitch, Vice-Chair North Area SDCDP
William Rodriguez-Kennedy, Chair SDCDP

The Party is proposing more rules changes for clubs, along similar lines to those we’ve previously discussed but with some new additions.

Jason Bercovitch, the Vice-Chair for the North Area will describe his proposal of proportional representation for club endorsement votes at Area Recommendation meetings. The details are contained in this document. Will Rodriguez-Kennedy will explain when and how this will be brought before the Central Committee.

For a Club’s Additional Associate members to be active to vote in an Area
Endorsement Recommendation they must:

  • Meet the threshold of fifteen percent (15%) of the number of unique members or ten (10) members whichever is greater at their endorsement meeting.
  • Provide the proper documentation with two of their Officer’s signatures of the Club’s first round endorsement vote totals, which Associates are bound to which candidate, and submits the form to the Party seventy-two (72) hours prior to the Area Caucus meeting at which the endorsement recommendation will occur, and
  • Follow the formula for distribution as follows.
    • For Clubs with only one additional Associate member that member will be bound to the endorsed candidate or the candidate with the most votes.
    • For Clubs with more than one additional Associate member the Associates will be distributed based off of the first round of voting in the following manner: Total Additional Associate members in the Area in which the endorsement recommendation will be held (TA) multiplied by percentage of votes received by the candidate (%) equals the bound Associates (BA) received by that candidate round down to the whole number. (TA)x(%)=BA
    • In the event of a tie and additional Associate members are
      unable to be split proportionately the club shall decide by a
      game of chance.
  • The Additional Associate members are bound to a specific candidate based off the first round vote and shall be bound until that candidate is no longer an option.

Link to folder with all the documents to review.

We modeled the UK Tory leadership election where 313 members voted. Using the above formula, if the Tory Club was based in the North Area…

With 313 unique members, the Tory Club would have 15 Associate Members able to vote in the North Area. On the first round of voting, starting from the lowest vote getter the allocation of Associate Members would be:

Esther McVey – 15 x 9/313 = 0.43 this is less than 1, so no Associate member
Mark Harper – 15 x 10/313 = 0.48 this is less than 1, so no Associate member
Andrea Leadsom – 15 x 11/313 = 0.53 this is less than 1, so no Associate member
Rory Stewart – 15 x 19/313 = 0.91 this is less than 1, so no Associate member
Matt Hancock – 15 x 20/313 = 0.96 this is less than 1, so no Associate member
Sajid Javid – 15 x 23/313 = 1.10 so 1 Associate member – Member A
Dominic Rabb – 15 x 27/313 = 1.30 so 1 Associate member – Member B
Michael Gove – 15 x 37/313 = 1.77 so 1 Associate member – Member C
Jeremy Hunt – 15 x 43/313 = 2.06 so 2 Associate members – Members D&E
Boris Johnson – gets the balance 10 Associate members – Members F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N&O

Even if Boris were to loose in subsequent rounds of voting, the Tory Club’s Associate Members who make it to the Area Recommendation meeting would be required to vote as recorded.

If Sajid Javid were to later win the race, he would only get 1 Associate vote at the Area, if Member A turned up to the meeting, but Boris (as the losing candidate) would still get 10 Associates (assuming his Associate Members make it to the Area meeting).

This is an estimate of how many Associate Members would be allocated to clubs in the North Area.

Club Manual

  • demclubs.org/clubmanual
  • Online version, encourage all members of the Council of Clubs to comment
  • Club Development Committee to edit


  • Civilized discussion for our community http://discourse.demclubs.org
  • Engage in searchable discussions with fellow club members.
  • Login with Google, Facebook or Twitter – no need to remember separate account details

Eventbrite – everything a small club needs to get started, for free

  • Calendar of Events, push events to Facebook/Twitter
  • Sync events to County Party Calendar
  • Free website with Facebook and Twitter integration, e.g. Dem Clubs

Upcoming meetings

  • July 20 – Preparing for Local Elections – Tom Frew, President Fallbrook Democratic Club


  • Downtown Democratic Club looking for Treasurers for Audit Committee, contact President, Jonathan Freeman

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