May Council of Clubs meeting
May 18th at 10:00am
IBEW Local 465, 7444 Trade St, San Diego, CA 92121 (map)

Andrea Duran Aydoğan

Andrea has worked in a variety of fields, from higher education to civil society. She is a graduate of San Diego State University with Bachelor’s in Marketing and has a Master’s degree in Political Science from Linköping University in Sweden. She’s lived in Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands and Turkey, speaks five languages and has a background in international advocacy, research, and training. Andrea is an avid traveler and loves to interact with a variety of cultures.  


  • Roosevelt Dinner, baskets, Club of the Year
  • Rosters for CDP
  • New Charters for San Diego Education Alliance, Latina Women’s Democratic Club
  • Club rules discussion with Central Committee on May 21, 2019


  • 20 Unique Voting Members for Associate Member

A President of a chartered Democratic Club or Coalition with twenty (20) unique voting members, and the GO Team Regional and Countywide Coordinators, are Associate Members of This Committee.

  • Clubs Meet Individually
    The Club or Coalition shall meet individually at least once quarterly and for all endorsement votes and all meeting dates, times, and locations shall be provided to the SDCDP at least fourteen (14) days prior to the meeting for publication on the SDCDP website. A copy of the notice, agenda, and minutes for business meetings or endorsement meetings shall be supplied via email to the Director of Clubs and the SDCDP.

Email –

  • Compliance with Club Endorsement Vote
    Club Associate members may vote in an Area endorsement recommendation meeting when their club has held a valid endorsement vote in that race, provides documentation with two of their Officer’s signatures of the Club’s endorsement vote and is bound to the club’s endorsement vote. In a run-off the Associate member shall be bound to the clubs endorsed candidate as long as that candidate is in contention.
    If a club fails to comply with the rules concerning endorsements, the Executive Board may suspend all of their endorsement voting rights, until the matter has been resolved.

Form: for discussion

  • Conflict of Interest Disclosure
    A member of This Committee must disclose any actual or potential material financial interest while addressing a Central Committee Meeting, Executive Board Meeting, Area Caucus Meeting, or other official meetings in whole or in part of This Committee, or through written disclosure when communicating through mail, e-mail, or other digital communication, primarily directed towards members of This Committee. The disclosure must include, that said member, the spouse of the member, or the domestic partner of the member has an actual or potential material financial interest in advocating for or against a candidate or any initiative.
  • Club Manual
    • 2019 (odd-numbered year) manual to be updated
    • Place version online, encourage all members of the Council of Clubs to comment
    • Club Development Committee to edit
  • Voter Registration and Democratic Recruitment
    • Scheduling voter registration events for the rest of the year
    • Collaborating with other clubs and communities to recruit more democratic involvement and volunteers


  • Inclusion
    • Sabrina Kaplan and the use of gender pronouns
    • Good practices for using audio amplification at meetings
    • Use of email, text and voice when messaging club members
  • Eventbrite – everything a small club needs to get started, for free
    • Calendar of Events
      Push events to Facebook/Twitter
    • Sync events to County Party Calendar
    • Free website with Facebook and Twitter integrations, e.g. Dem Clubs
  • Meetup – free to start (larger clubs sponsor smaller clubs?)
    • Newly arrived San Diegans discover your club
    • Forum for conversations
    • Sync events to County Party Calendar

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