March Council of Clubs meeting
March 16th at 10:00am
IBEW Local 465, 7444 Trade St, San Diego, CA 92121 (map)

Rules framework brought to Council of Clubs for feedback

“As you know there has been some concern about the chartering of clubs and the rules relative to our endorsement. The goal of this meeting is to come to consensus on the themes relative to solving this problem.”

Chair of the San Diego County Democratic Party, Will Rodriguez-Kennedy

Among the concepts discussed:

  • Proportional representation similar to the CDP system for Clubs.
  • Binding Endorsement votes to Club Endorsements
  • Unique Members for Club Chartering
  • Public Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest when advocating at the Central Committee (Code of Conduct Change)
  • Not allowing for joint meetings to count towards the 4 meetings required for clubs to continue to be chartered
  • Adding enforcement power to suspend clubs that violate the rules pending Central Committee review
  • Empowering the Club Development Committee to vet complaints before they are brought to the Executive Board (sort of like a Club Ethics Committee)
  • Probationary period for Club Chartering (so clubs can’t be chartered right before votes, similar to Club membership rules) 

The remainder of the process was:

  • Tuesday, March 19th – Rules framework was brought to Central Committee for feedback
  • Admin finalized between Tuesday March 19th and Monday April 8th
  • Tuesday April 16th – Final Rules Package to be approved by the Central Committee

The output of the March 16 meeting was captured by members of the Club Development Committee and is available here.

The proposed rules codified by the Admin Committee and the background to the changes are available here:

  • Amendment summary (PDF)
  • Bylaws (PDF)
  • Policies and Procedures (PDF)
  • Background documents (folder)

Central Committee on 4/16/19 passed the following Bylaw changes for clubs.

Clubs Meet Individually (#2)

The Club or Coalition shall meet individually at least once quarterly and for all endorsement votes and all meeting dates, times, and locations shall be provided to the SDCDP at least fourteen (14) days prior to the meeting for publication on the SDCDP website. A copy of the notice, agenda, and minutes for business meetings or endorsement meetings shall be supplied via email to the Director of Clubs and the SDCDP.

20 Unique Voting Members for Associate Member (#4)
A President of a chartered Democratic Club or Coalition with twenty (20) unique voting members, and the GO Team Regional and Countywide Coordinators, are Associate Members of This Committee.

Requires Clubs to Charter Annually (#6)

Compliance with Club Endorsement Vote (#11)

Club Associate members may vote in an Area endorsement recommendation meeting when their club has held a valid endorsement vote in that race, provides documentation with two of their Officer’s signatures of the Club’s endorsement vote and is bound to the club’s endorsement vote. In a run-off the Associate member shall be bound to the clubs endorsed candidate as long as that candidate is in contention.

If a club fails to comply with the rules concerning endorsements, the Executive Board may suspend all of their endorsement voting rights, until the matter has been resolved.

Also passed was a Conflict of Interest Disclosure (#3)

A member of This Committee must disclose any actual or potential material financial interest while addressing a Central Committee Meeting, Executive Board Meeting, Area Caucus Meeting, or other official meetings in whole or in part of This Committee, or through written disclosure when communicating through mail, e-mail, or other digital communication, primarily directed towards members of This Committee. The disclosure must include, that said member, the spouse of the member, or the domestic partner of the member has an actual or potential material financial interest in advocating for or against a candidate or any initiative.

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