the November Council of Clubs meeting
Saturday, November 17th at 10AM
IBEW Local 465, 7444 Trade St, CA 92121 (map)


1619 National Celebration of Black Women

Thanks to Sheryl Mallory-Johnson and Alyce Pipken-Allen for telling us about  the 1619 National Celebration of Black Women event planned for March 2, 2019 and how we can get involved.

To celebrate 400 years of extraordinary contributions women of African descent have made in building this great nation of these United States of America and inspiring them to walk into the future with power.

Download the Presentation here (PDF).

Contact details for the 1619 National Celebration of Black Women are:

Priorities for 2019

Discussion of important items for 2019

Election of Director of Clubs

Hugh Rothman, Director of Grassroots Organizing, conducted the election. Each club present had one vote. John Loughlin was unanimously elected.

Club Chartering

Club chartering has now started and the important deadline is December 15 for Associate Member vote eligibility at the January Area meeting on January 8th. Every club has to re-charter.

In order to re-charter please fill out the 2019 -2020 Charter form:

By December 15 you want to have completed:

  • Club charter
  • Associate Member application
  • Submit roster
  • Submit list of officers
  • Submit copy of existing bylaws
  • Payment. The club chartering term is for 2 years, and the fee is $100 for both years (only $50/year)

Nomination Committee for Club of the Year

  • Sue Alderson, Democratic Club of Vista
  • Tina Rynberg, La Mesa-Foothills Democratic Club
  • William Rodriguez-Kennedy, Democrats for Equality
  • Matt Yagyagan, Asian Americans & Pacific Islander Democratic Club
  • Gary Bland, San Marcos Democratic Club (Chair)

Biennial Reorganization

Volunteers needed for ADEMs in January

  • For Region 20
  • Need 12 volunteers per ADEM
  • Cannot volunteer in home ADEM
  • Contact Craig Roberts or email John Loughlin [email protected]

Doors open at 12pm
Speeches start at 12:30pm
Voting starts at 1:00pm
Voting closes at 3:00pm

Saturday January 12
Olivewood Clubhouse
National City

Sunday January 13th
Musicians Association ( same place as 2017)
1717 Morena Blvd

Saturday January 26th
Johnson Elementary on Kelton

Sunday January 27th
Paloma Elementary School
660 Camino Magnificio, San Marcos 92069
Convener – Roger Garcia

Oceanside Public Library
330 N. Coast Hwy, Oceanside 92054
Convener – Deborah Cunningham-Skurnik

IBEW 7444 Trade Street

Election Results

Hugh Rothman, Director of GO Team, talked to the record breaking involvement of GO Team.

Thanks to IBEW Local 465 and Nate Fairman for hosting us.

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