the March Council of Clubs meeting is
Saturday, March 17th at 10AM
IBEW Local 465, 7444 Trade St, CA 92121 (map)

Fred Rogers, VP for Political Action at the San Diego County Democrats for Environmental Action, led this Council of Clubs on how to run endorsement meetings.

Fred discussed ways we can strengthen the voice of clubs within the Democratic Party, by making sitting Central Committee members aware of the results of our endorsement meetings.

We also heard from Emiliana Sparaco, Organizer for SEIU 221, who told us about an exciting initiative for clubs to get involved with gathering signatures for the Fuller Voter Participation Initiative.

Emiliana Sparaco
Emiliana Sparaco

Together we can strengthen our voice and elected representation by ensuring that all county elections (Board of Supervisors, Sheriff, DA) are decided in November, when the most voters participate.

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