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Endorsement meeting of the Democratic Woman's Club of San Diego County in 2019

Democratic Clubs in California

"California, which gave Hiram Johnson to the Bull Moose ticket in 1912, has not yet outlived its Progressive heritage." — Francis Carney, 1958 

Senator Hiram Warren Johnson The Rise of the Democratic Clubs in California (PDF scan)

Clubs are the grassroots of the Democratic Party

Get involved in your community

  • Advocate for your issues
  • Attend forums and panel discussions
  • Canvass for endorsed candidates
  • Join campaigns and issued-based groups
  • Learn the structure of the Democratic Party
  • Lobby your elected representatives

"Party club members have discovered… that party work can be exhilarating and rewarding, that it is engaged in by normal, respectable people rather like themselves. Most important, they have found that, because of the pooled effort of thousands and a rational, coordinated organizational structure, they do not have to make politics a full-time activity or a way of life in order to be effective." — Francis Carney, 1958

Club Manual

What guidance is avilable on how to start and run a club? This manual was developed for Democratic clubs chartered by the San Diego County Democratic Party — explore more here


The primary goal for establishing a club is to strengthen the Democratic Party by building and organizing capable and experienced leaders and volunteers who contribute to party leadership, advocate for issues and hold elected Democrats accountable.

  • Voter education
  • Holding officials accountable
  • Voter registration
  • Political and social events
  • Candidate recruitment and support
  • Party platform support
  • Club programs and speakers
  • Fundraising
  • Party involvement
  • Input to/from candidates and incumbents
  • Community outreach
  • Endorsing Candidates
  • Media engagement
  • Local, state and national advocacy


Clubs may take positions on candidates and ballot measures. While the power to endorse candidates can greatly strengthen a club’s influence, it should be used with discretion. A vigorous, thoughtful, and democratic process should be used for making endorsements involving all club members.


Running a Democratic Club is like running a small business: accounting requirements, state mandated filings, membership list maintainance, communications, Party rules, and regular event planning - and that's before you get to the politics!

Communication Technology

Technology can help recruit club members, and keep them informed. Websites, social networks and mobile apps can drive engagement.

  • Email newsletters
  • Audio & Video recording
  • Remote meetings
  • Podcasts
  • Online voting —
  • Website
  • Social networks
  • Mastodon
  • Progressive Web App

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