Endorsements are one of the most satisfying, and challenging, activities for a Democratic Club.

In this presentation Craig Roberts, former President of the San Diego County Democrats for Equality and longtime Democratic Party member, shared best practices for running endorsement processes. Craig has seen it all, and his guidance can help new clubs and new officers avoid some of the more common pitfalls.

Presentation slides download (PDF) or (PowerPoint) or open here.

Many of the clubs in San Diego County established committees to help draft their endorsement guidelines, some of the clubs publish these on their websites. Here are a few that we’re aware of, let us know if your club has guidelines to share.

Point Loma Democratic Club

  • Endorsement Policies and Procedures – July 26, 2015 (PDF
  • Endorsement Questionnaire – July 26, 2015 (PDF)

San Diego County Democrats for Environmental Action

  • Bylaws Appendix B Rules for Endorsements – February 2,  2016 (PDF)

San Diego County Democrats for Equality

  • Bylaws, Standing Rules and Board Policies & Procedures – April 23, 2015 (PDF)