April 20 – Climate & Corporate Money in Politics

Answers to the Top Three Climate Questions

Nancy Casady who recently attended Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project training in Los Angeles will address three climate questions.

Nancy is the former General Manager of Ocean Beach People’s Organic Food Market. She served as the Vice President of the National Cooperative Grocers Association and as a member of the national Co-op Development Cooperative during 2007-2011. She is a founding member of the Wild Willow Sustainable Farming Education Center, a working farm in San Diego directed toward training young farmers and providing hands-on growing experiences for students K through 8th grade.

Hostile Takeover: Corporate Money in Politics

Katherine Hogue will discuss the pervasive and corrupting influence of money in politics and what we have to do about it.

Katherine is President of the San Diego Progressive Democratic Club, an AD77 ADEM delegate, and an employment law attorney practicing in California who represents clients across the state dealing with low wages, high costs of living and laws that almost always favor large corporations.

Katherine is mother to a two year old daughter who makes her “concerned for her future with the horrifying effects of Climate Change, the state of our Health care system, police brutality, difficulties in obtaining higher education, and of course the rampant take over of the 1% and multinational corporations.”

Katherine’s slides – Hostile Takeover (PDF)


Votes regarding letters of support for the following legislation: 

Support  AB392 –Peace officers: deadly force.
– Introduced by Weber & McCarty

This bill is to raise the minimum standard requirement that allows police officers to use deadly force on civilian from “reasonable” to “necessary”. This law has not changed since 1872. If passed, the police officer will be required to exhaust all alternative tactics including de-escalation first.

Support ACA6– Elections: disqualification of electors
– Introduced by McCarty, Bonta, Gonzalez, Kalra, Kamlager-Dove & Weber

This bill is to restore the voting right of felons who have completed their sentence & are currently on parole.

Template for support letter available here.

Support AB1076 – Criminal records: automatic relief 
– Introduced by Ting

This bill is to eliminate the complicated court process of expunging arrest & conviction records & make it automatic. This law will only apply to cases that are already eligible to be expunged.  

Template for support letter available here.

Votes regarding letters of opposition for the following legislation: 

Oppose SB230– Law enforcement: use of deadly force: training: policies
– Introduced by Caballero

This bill requires POST to develop training. However, this training only includes “adequate consideration” of a list of subjects but without any specificity as to what that training should look like. In addition, this bill does not require that any officer actually go through the training.

Template for oppose letter available here.

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